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    Current Jewellery Loves

    I’ve never been a huge wearer of jewellery, more out of laziness than not having the desire to wear it. That is jewellery other than my slightly more obscure ear piercings (which I wear daily because too lazy to take them out, and I usually forget they’re there).


    However, I do have a couple of staples I go back to time and time again and I thought I could share those with you in a slightly different post.

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    What’s In My Graduation Bag

    As I’m sure we’re all fully aware now, I have graduated. And that means I had to seriously think about what I was wearing and taking. I wore a white floral dress (but I wasn’t confident enough to take outfit photos…maybe one day I will be) and needed a bag to go with it.


    And that’s where Tessuti came in. I met Tessuti at the Bloggers Ball and after a few emails back and forth, I managed to find the perfect bag for graduation!

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    My Pandora Charm Collection

    For my last two big birthdays, I have been gifted Pandora bracelets. Not only does this make me incredibly easy to buy for because there are so many charms to choose from, but I really cherish every single charm I have.


    I can remember where I got each one from, and wearing this brings back so many memories of birthdays, Christmases and times I’ve spent with some of my favourite people. I have tried to link to all of the charms and the bracelets but just bear in mind that some are limited edition and others have been discontinued.

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    Blogmas Day 21: Prairie Charms Stocking Stuffer

    Prairie Charms are a company that I’ve been looking to work with for a while. They got in touch with me a while back but I wasn’t ready for a new company to work with at the time, but when I saw their Stocking Stuffer bundle I just had to get involved. As I’ve been reading through other recipients’ posts, I found out that they’re all individual so it’s a great little Christmas present to myself that nobody else has.

    Day 21

    Specialising in handmade accessories, these make perfect gifts (but I’m too greedy and won’t be gifting any of these items. I’m keeping them all for me!). A portion of their profits go to charities such as Great Ormond Street and Kiss It Better, meaning that you’re not only buying yourself or someone else a treat, but seriously helping somebody in need. It’s a little late now for considering them for Christmas, but if you’ve got any gifts to buy in the future, I’d definitely recommend looking at buying from Prairie Charms. Continue reading

    Blogmas Day 9: My Christmas Jumper Choices

    I love Christmas jumpers and own a stupid amount, but it doesn’t stop me wanting more! I’ve scoured the internet for my favourites this year and, with the exception of a couple, they’re all beneath the £20 mark and can suit any budget.

    Day 9

    This is a wish list so to speak, but I might end up treating myself to a few in the next couple of weeks.

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    York Haul

    Last Saturday, one of my best friends and I made the 50 minute drive to York Designer Outlets to get our shop on. She did more damage than I did, but I did manage to buy a few goodies. I’m yet to try any of these products but if you want a review on one of the specific items then just let me know!

    Our first stop was The Cosmetics Company Store which was somewhat disappointing. It wasn’t as busy as the one in Bicester, but there wasn’t anywhere near the selection of the store I went to in Colorado over the summer. However, I managed to pick up Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess in Light. This has been on my wishlist for a good couple of years but I’ve never taken the plunge. However, for £10 off the RRP, I couldn’t not. My friend and I combined our shop so that we spent over £50 to get a free gift, and she gifted it to me. This gift was a palette from MAC’s limited edition Archie’s Girls, and this was in Spoiled Rich. This is a purple toned palette containing the shades Pin-Up Purple, Spoiled Rich, Ron Ron Run and Gravel. It’s not bad for a freebie, although they’re not colours I’d wear on a regular basis.

    The next stop was The Body Shop where they had the most ridiculous 40% off everything, provided you bought 4 items. I didn’t buy too much in there, but I am nearly out of my favourite hand cream (the moringa one) so I decided to pick up a festive alternative. Glazed Apple smells pretty amazing, and I can’t wait to get some use out of it in the coming months. My friend also threw in the Midnight Bakula body wash since it was only £1.50, but since it’s for men I’ll give it to one of the boys in my life. My boyfriend will probably find it in his box of Christmas goodies!

    One of the other main purposes for the visit is for my friend to do a candle stock up, but since I have a lot remaining from a candle haul I did back in September, I didn’t want to buy too many. We headed to Yankee Candle and I bought a World Journeys candle in South African Vineyard which is probably a little sweeter than what I’d go for, but it smells like something sweet from my childhood. I also bought two votives from their seasonal range: their Christmas scent in Cranberry Ice and the Halloween Scent in Candy Corn (although the latter was actually in Huddersfield on the same day, but I had full intentions of buying it in York so it counts, they just didn’t have the votive there). The Candy Corn candle smells exactly like Candy Corn and the Cranberry Ice votive smells like winter berries. My favourite scent for candles in my collection are anything to do with winter berries – they’re sweet enough to let off one of a nice smell, but they’re not sickly. In the last six months or so, I’ve become a huge candle burner so I can’t wait to get these lit!

    Apart from a little gift from Ted Baker for my boyfriend’s birthday (still a week away yet), I bought myself a jumper from H&M. I’m not a huge clothes buyer, but with an RRP of £35 with 50% off, it seemed like too much of a bargain to pass up. It’s beautifully soft and it just Christmassy enough to wear around Christmas, but also can be worn throughout the winter. I’m so excited to get to wear this and be super cosy all season long.

    And now the spending ban commences, because with Christmas coming up I need to get saving. Look out for reviews rather than hauls in the coming months from me.

    Have you ever been to any Outlet Villages? Let me know where your favourite is so that I can get my shop on in other places. And don’t forget I’m giving away Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette so check that giveaway out.

    Thanks for reading

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