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    Blogmas Day 2: My Advent Calendars

    I thought that by the age of 21 I would not longer get excited by the prospect of opening a paper door to find a tiny piece of chocolate behind it, but I still do. And my mum still buys them for me (hides face).

    Day 2

    Although this year I’ve gone a couple of steps further and am the proud owner of three advent calendars.

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    Blogmas Day 1: November Favourites

    How is it December? How has the year flown this fast? It seems like yesterday I was in America yet that was three months ago! But I’m excited because December is my favourite month and I have lots of exciting things planned – including Blogmas! Yes, I am taking part in Blogmas this month so you can check back here every morning at 8am GMT for a new festive themed post. In fact, this is the only post until after Christmas that won’t have a festive spin.

    Day 1

    My favourites this month are few and far between, especially since I’ve been rocking the same makeup look for the last couple of months. In a way, you can think of this as an extension of last month’s favourites. However, I have a few goodies that I want to share with you that I’ve been loving this month. And most aren’t makeup for a change!

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