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    Beating Blogger Burnout

    Beating Blogger Burnout | Essential Twenty

    Okay, so you probably haven’t noticed but I took an accidental break from blogging for the past week. It’s not been a long break, but it’s been a necessary break. Blogger burnout is real and whilst I’ve never experienced it first hand, I’m pretty sure I can say that I sort of know how to beat it.
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    Why I Love Blogging Webinars

    Why I Love Blogging Webinars | Essential Twenty

    I don’t know what’s happened in the last couple of weeks, but since I sorted out my inbox all I want to do is blog. I spend every waking moment (that isn’t working or eating) doing something blog related. That might be planning new content, playing around with plugins, replying to comments or, most recently, learning. I’ve thrown my all into learning as much as I can about the blogging biz. And it’s about time! Essential Twenty has existed for almost 2 and a half years, but I don’t know anything. But not knowing anything has lead my to researching everything. Including webinars.

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    How I’m Tackling My Blog Emails

    How I'm Tackling My Blog Emails | Essential Twenty

    Whilst I love getting blog opportunities, emails are actually the bane of my life. I feel like all I do is clear out my inbox and get it down to emails I want to reply to and then do nothing about it. Four weeks have passed, blog I’ve responded to three emails and my inbox is back to over 1000. And I’m not even a big blogger! I feel very sorry for anything with a large followings. If I haven’t got around to replying to your email, there could be a few reasons. This post is all about my tips for getting your inbox down, keeping on top of what you need to be aware of and a bit of an apology.

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    A Working Trip

    A Working Trip | Essential Twenty

    The more I expand the travel section of my blog, the more I find myself sat on trains. Spending full days, and sometimes weekends, away from my designated blogging space means it’s very easy to get behind with blogging. I’ve just about got the ‘working on the road’ thing down, which is why I’m compiling my tips in this little post. I’m relating this to blogging, but there’s no reason this can’t apply to other work too!

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    Staying Productive When Working From Home

    Staying Productive When Working From Home | Essential Twenty

    I’ve been off work for six weeks now, and most of that time has been spent doing blog work: posts, emails, sorting a out a media kit and various other things. Despite the ups and downs I’ve had over the summer, due to spending every weekend during term time working from my bedroom on my blog, I know exactly what works for me when working from home (or for the past couple of weeks, working at my boyfriend’s home). Today it’s time to share those tips and tricks I’ve picked up, and I hope that some of these options work for you.

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    My Blogging To Do List

    Blogging To Do List | Essential Twenty

    A couple of weeks ago I attended the summer blog event and ever since I’ve been super inspired. I’m still without a laptop and blogging on the 12 year old family computer is getting a little old now, but as mentioned in a post last week I have 7 weeks off and a very long blog to do list. For a more solid list for myself, and maybe something of interest to you if you’re a blogger, I’ve decided to consolidate it in a quick post.

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