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    Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

    Jurlique Rosewater Spray | Essential Twenty

    It’s been almost a year since I walked away from The Girl Gang event in Manchester with a loaded goodie bag and I still haven’t tried half of the products. That’s bad, isn’t it? Well with the weather being as hot as it was a recently, it seemed the right time to get out all of my sprays. I’d heard amazing things about the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist* and decided that was going to be my product of choice for cooling my sweaty face down in the humidity.

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    Bioderma Micellar Water Review

    Bioderma Micellar Water | Essential Twenty

    When I got into the world of beauty around three years ago, every single YouTuber raved about this fairly new concept of micellar water. And everyone’s favourite? Bioderma. I feel like this is the first micellar water that everybody talked about and whilst I used it a couple of years ago, I didn’t really get the chance to form a real opinion on it. Well now I think I finally know how I feel about Bioderma so I’m going to share those thoughts today.

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    Face Mask Friday: The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask

    The Body Shop Acai Mask | Essential Twenty

    I had a bit of a skincare moment in April, buying a ton of drugstore and high end skincare just because I fancied it. I think I’m finally getting around to reviewing some more of it and today is all about The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask which I managed to get a whopping 40% off on (which is rare as usually the expert face masks are excluded from any deals).

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    Skincare 101: Acids in Skincare

    Skincare 101: Acids | Essential Twenty

    Up until a couple of years ago, I’m pretty sure we’d all steer clear of anything obviously acidic. Other than vinegar on my chips and the occasional lemon segment in my water, I never touched the stuff. Now acids have become a huge part of most people’s skincare routine, especially in higher end brands. I finally decided to sit down and research exactly what does what to your skin.

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    Face Mask Friday: Origins Flower Fusion Radiance Restoring Sheet Mask

    Origins Flower Fusion Radiance Restoring Sheet Mask | Essential Twenty

    I love the idea of sheet masks. I buy and buy and buy them, and then never use them. Well now I’m finally starting to and my next couple of Face Mask Friday posts are going to be sheet masks. My first ever high end sheet mask has come fromOrigins which I picked up when John Lewis had 10% off making them £4.50 each (not a whole lot more than drugstore masks).  The Origins Flower Fusion Radiance Restoring Sheet Mask sounded right up my street and it did not disappoint!

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    Empties, June 2017

    Empties, June 2017 | Essential Twenty

    June has been a disappointing months for empties. My skincare regime has gone a little awry and I’ve been switching between a lot of body products, meaning I haven’t finished a load of stuff up this month. Hey, at least it makes for a quicker post for me to write!

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