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Face Mask Friday: Nip + Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask

on September 15, 2017

A while ago I picked up a pack of two Nip + Fab masks. I haven’t tried anything from them in the past, and thought this was a great way to introduce myself to the brand. We know I love a face mask so I was eager to try them out! Today I’m talking about my impressions of the Nip + Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask, which definitely wasn’t what I expected to be.

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A Mini Sephora Haul, France 2017

on September 12, 2017
Sephora Haul, France 2017 | Essential Twenty

Over the bank holiday weekend, I packed up and popped over the English channel for a fun weekend with a couple of my fave blogging ladies. Whilst the majority of my money was spent enjoying a few glasses of alcohol, responsibly of course, as beauty bloggers, we couldn’t let a trip to the continent pass us by without a trip to Sephora!

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Face Mask Friday: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

on September 8, 2017

A product I’ve been meaning to try for years is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty. I’ve heard amazing things about it over the years, but I don’t love spending money on Lush face masks as they need to be kept in the fridge and have a short use by date. I spotted a self-preserving formula of the Mask of Magnaminty around a month ago and I’ve been using it a couple of times a week ever since!

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Summer Favourites 2017

on September 2, 2017
Summer Favourites 2017 | Essential Twenty

I can think of very few products that have wowed me through the summer. To be honest, we’ve had such up and down weather it’s been difficult to pin point things that worked well through the season as I’ve not really used things on the long-term. I do have a few products I’d like to share with you though, and that’s exactly what this post is all about. Buckle up for my summer favourites.

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