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    Mascara Declutter Summer 2017

    Mascara Declutter | Essential Twenty

    Whenever I have a makeup declutter, I always say to myself that I’m only going to allow myself to have 3 mascaras on the go at any one time. That lasts approximately two weeks. Before long my mascara pod overflows and I struggle to choose a mascara, hence never finishing a full tube. Recently I’ve been having a spring clean of my makeup collection (I know it’s June, and I know it’s a bit late to be spring cleaning) and I’m going to share with you what I’ve decluttered recently – starting with mascaras.

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    5 Happy Things

    5 Happy Things | Essential Twenty
    I’m currently without a laptop, and I don’t think you quite understand how much of a blogging funk I am in because of this. Then again, chances are you are a blogger and understand exactly how this is hindering my blogging life. Sure, I’ve been speeding through various seasons of TV shows and smashing my high scores on various games on my iPad, but my blog life has taken a bit of a back seat. Since I’m without my monster blogging spreadsheet (should’ve backed it up on dropbox – I’ll learn one day) which has enough content ideas to blog daily until November, I’m throwing out this spontaneous post. A ‘five happy things in my life’ style post.

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    3 New In Face Makeup

    3 New In Face Makeup | Essential Twenty

    Recently I’ve been spending my money on more skincare products than makeup, but during the May Day bank holiday there were too many deals to pass up. I treated myself to a few high end face makeup items and it would be rude not to share them with you!

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