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    Real Techniques Prep & Prime

    Real Techniques Prep & Prime | Essential Twenty

    When I had my most recent beauty declutter, I included all the tools that I don’t use and vowed not to buy any more unless it’s to replace things like beauty blenders. But I couldn’t resist the Real Techniques Prep & Prime set when it was just £5.99 in Superdrug recently, especially to get myself a new Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for virtually the same price.
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    Spring Favourites 2017

    Spring Favourites 2017 | Essential Twenty

    It doesn’t seem five minutes since I wrote my winter favourites, but here I am with my spring favourites. 2017 is flying! I’ve been trying out so many new products this month that I could easily just call this my May favourites, but some of these have been favourites since March so that would be a little unfair on them.

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    Battle of The Makeup Sponge: Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques

    Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

    I’ve been using a sponge to apply my makeup for less than a year now, but since starting out I haven’t looked back. Starting out with the drugstore favourite, I tested out the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and loved it so much I’m on my second. But my eye kept wondering and I was desperate to test out the cult favourite, the Beauty Blender. I managed to pick up a full set of various Beauty Blender products in the sales and after trying the two interchangeably over the past couple of months I can finally talk about both of these in depth and about which tool I think is the real winner.

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    My Favourite Tools for a Flawless Base

    Tools for a Flawless Base

    When I was a student, I hardly wore makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I had more time to play around with it in the evenings (and during the day…I mean, I was a student) but I didn’t really have a chance to get into a set routine. Sure, I had played around with lots of makeup and various tools, but now I’ve been working and wearing makeup daily I’ve found the right tools for a flawless base.

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    My Boxing Day Sale Haul

    My Boxing Day 2016 Sales Haul

    I feel like this post is long awaited if you follow me on twitter, and it’s a post that’s been almost a month in the making. It’s my Boxing Day Sale haul! I went a bit mad this year as it was my first Boxing Day in employment so I actually had money to spend for a change. My makeup stash has grown considerably after this and I’m sort of ashamed, but I really wanted to show you some of the incredible deals that I managed to find last month.

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    Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Set

    When the Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes were released, they were the prettiest, and most expensive, brushes in the drugstore market. Despite my endless splurging on makeup and tools, I never picked any of these up as they were just a little too expensive. If I wanted to spend that much, I’d try a proven brush (I’m looking at you MAC 217 you expensive thing).


    But when the bargains of Cyber Monday arrived, I couldn’t say no to a set of 4 eye brushes for £20 (which if bought individually would cost £55) to try these brushes out once and for all.

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