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    Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo

    Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo | Essential Twenty

    I don’t feel like I spend a lot on hair care (apart from my hair cut – why does a wash, cut and blow cost me £37? Surely I’m getting ripped off somewhere), so it was a bit of a shock to my bank account when I spent a whopping £19 on a 250ml bottle of shampoo. I KNOW! But after hearing Anna rave about the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo for year, I pushed the boat out and treated myself to some luxury hair care. That was back in the summer, and I’ve been using it on a semi-regular basis so I think I can finally share my thoughts.

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    Empties, August 2017

    Empties, August 2017 | Essential Twenty

    I know that I said I didn’t think I’d be posting an empties this month as I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and using other people’s products, but I’ve got a pretty full post today. Whilst there’s not makeup, I’ve got a few bits of hair and skincare, as well as a bubble bath and a perfume that I’ve used up. I’ve done well!

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    Estée Lauder Beautiful Escape

    Estee Lauder Beautiful Escape | Essential Twenty

    I always catch the news about the Estée Lauder company beauty bags far too late. They’re sold out and the bargains have been picked up before I even hear a whisper of them. But not this time, oh no! This time I spotted it early on and managed to grab a beauty bargain. The most recent beauty bag was the Estée Lauder Beautiful Escape, containing £73 worth of products from a variety of Estée Lauder owned brands for just £25!

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    Another Summer Haul from The Body Shop

    Another The Body Shop Haul | Essential Twenty

    It’s been less than a month since I last shared a haul from The Body Shop, but as I mentioned last time, I’m pretty obsessed with their products at the moment. When they were offering 30% off, a few free gifts when you spent over £25, and I had two £5 reward vouchers to use, I was game to treat myself to some new products (and some repeat favourites).

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    Empties, June 2017

    Empties, June 2017 | Essential Twenty

    June has been a disappointing months for empties. My skincare regime has gone a little awry and I’ve been switching between a lot of body products, meaning I haven’t finished a load of stuff up this month. Hey, at least it makes for a quicker post for me to write!

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    A Hair Refresh with Supercuts

    A Hair Refresh with Supercuts | Essential Twenty

    I never get invited to events in Peterborough. I’ve been back here for over a year now, and have been to two events and it’s a bit of a downer really. Just as I was leaving Huddersfield I was starting to be invited to Leeds events but I feel like I’m just not known back home. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to visit Supercuts in my home town to try out their new Bond Ultim8 Treatment and I was really excited. I’ve only ever dyed my hair myself so I was eager to have it done professionally.

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