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    Revolution Beauty Reloaded Newtrals 2 Eyeshadow Palette

    Revolution Beauty Reloaded Newtrals 2 Eyeshadow Palette | Essential Twenty

    We all know that warm shadows are in right now, and I’m a really big fan of them. I use the Urban Decay Naked Heat a lot (although the Petite Heat hasn’t enticed me as much as I thought it would), and definitely reach for warm shadows more often than cooler tones. When I made a few Revolution purchases last month, I spotted the Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2 Palette and knew it had to be mine. I started testing it out straight away, and have been loving playing about with this this month.
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    Makeup Revolution Haul, Spring 2018

    Makeup Revolution Haul, Spring 2018 | Essential Twenty

    In March I spent a lot of money on new beauty goodies and have given up buying anything beauty related in April. But I have a lot to discuss before I even need to think about buying anything, and that includes a little bit of a Makeup Revolution Haul. Funnily enough this doesn’t include every single Makeup Revolution product I bought in March 2018, and that’s mainly because this post was due to go live about three weeks ago and then Superdrug started their 3 for 2 across all makeup offer and I bought some more. Not even sorry. So anyway, this post won’t include those last few bits but I’ll get around to talking about them at a later date.

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    Makeup Rehab | Makeup Expiration

    Makeup Rehab: Makeup Expiration | Essential Twenty

    We all know beauty products aren’t going to last forever, even if we can’t admit it to ourselves. It can lose its quality for one, and when there are so many brilliant products out there – is it really worth keeping sub-par products? But they also expire. I obviously knew that makeup had to expire at some point in its life, but it didn’t mean I’d ever pay attention to it. In fact, I didn’t even know where to find out when it expired. Now I’m a little more savvy to what the little symbols on the back of products mean, and I also know that I should be a little more wary of the makeup expiration dates.

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    My First Three Months Cruelty Free & My Top Tips

    My First Three Months Cruelty Free | Essential Twenty

    If you read my 2018 goals, you may recall that I said I’d be going cruelty free with my beauty products. Throughout the first few months of the year it’s been a real learning curve, especially as a lot of my favourite products have come from brands that are not cruelty free and I’m quickly running low on my stash. This post is all about the problems that I have faced since going cruelty free, and hopefully this will help you out if you have been toying with the idea too.
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    Makeup Rehab | No Buy April

    Makeup Rehab: No Buy April | Essential Twenty

    Remember how about two weeks ago today I proudly shared my recent Beauty Bay order? It turns out that my little splurge sent me back into my old beauty spending ways and I need to stop. Thankfully I’ve been doing some research in how I can stop this (and also not just replace my spending in other realms: 6 theatre trips already planned for April ring any bells?) as well as reading through Reddit’s Makeup Rehab subreddit which given me some tips to reign in my spending, and show me how to cut back this month through a beauty no buy. And hopefully beyond!

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    Why You Need A Beauty Inventory

    Beauty Inventory | Essential Twenty

    I honestly cannot tell you where I read about beauty inventories, but I’ve spent quite some time researching and after a few weeks, I’d got the bare bones of my own. It then took a few further weeks to curate my beauty inventory to fit the purpose I wanted it to fulfil, but I’m finally happy with it and want to share it with you. This post is all about what I track, why I track it, and 6 reasons it could work for you. I’ve also included a downloadable link of my own so that you can create one for yourself.
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