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Why I Can’t Just ‘Travel’

Las Vegas: Why I Can't Just Travel | Essential Twenty

This wasn’t the post I had scheduled for today but I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past couple of weeks. Next summer I am hopefully going interrailing and as this post goes live I’ll be thinking about heading back from spending a few days in France. In the lead up I’ve been reading a lot of advice for travelling more, because of course it’s something I’d like to do. Everyone wants to travel! However, I don’t follow any of these tips. Not really.

Most blogs recommend going away for frequent weekends. Making the most of long weekends, or never booking long holidays – just three or four days over a weekend. Unfortunately I don’t have flexible holiday. From next Monday until mid-December I’m stuck in a 37.5 hour per week job with zero holiday and no flexibility. Sure, I’m fortunate for the long summer holiday but it doesn’t help when it comes to keeping prices down!

Arizona: Why I Can't Just Travel | Essential Twenty

So how do I actually plan to travel more? This year I want to save, save, save for my interrailing trip (which I will go into more detail about in future posts in the next month or so) but also make the most of being in the UK. At the weekend it costs me £12.50 for a day return to London. Of course I spend most of my days in the West End watching show after show, but I need to head east to for a stroll down Brick Lane, I need to head north of the river for a wander. Imagine the history I could come across just by packing a sarnie and jumping on a train. I could easily spend less than £20 to explore a brand new area!

I’m about an hour from my nearest seaside. I am only a couple of hours on the train from Birmingham. I spend a few weekends a year in West Yorkshire yet never head into the Dales, or Manchester, or Harrogate. In fact I never go much further north than York! I need to explore. And it really doesn’t cost that much or take up that much time.

Grand Canyon: Why I Can't Just Travel | Essential Twenty

And that’s what I’m going to do. Become a tourist in my own city before I become a tourist of my continent. Forget Dubrovnik and head to Durham, trade Ljubljana for Lincoln, and swap Salzburg for Stratford. My blog is probably going to increase in travel content over the next few months as I research for interrailing, and I will be talking about my experiences in the north west this summer as well as hopefully some tidbits about France.

So whilst I may not be jetting off on a round the world trip and travelling like many of my favourite bloggers seem to, I will be travelling in my own way. I know where I want to go with Essential Twenty a little more now and hopefully can pull this off!

PS. The pictures in this post are all from when I went to America three years ago. Boy, do I need some updates! I’m sure when I start to travel more, even just locally, I can update these!

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