Beauty Blogging On A Budget

Beauty Blogging On A Budget

My first month of no spend went appallingly, but I’m allowing myself to get away with it because I haven’t officially been paid in 2017 yet (that comes in a couple of days). To get it into my obviously thick skull that I need to save a bit of money, I’m putting together a post on how I can beauty blog on a budget, as inspired by EmmysBeautyCave’s post and TheMakeupDirectory’s post that they have posted in the last couple of weeks. Yes beauty blogging can get expensive when you’re constantly exposed to new releases and the latest ‘must haves’, but it doesn’t have to be. When I was at uni, I didn’t have unlimited funds to spend and really had to pick and choose what to buy and I’m going to do the same in the future (although maybe with a few more high end bits).

I’m going to get the obvious one out of the way – PR packages. I don’t receive a ton of these, but every little helps. I get to try out new products in exchange for a mention on my blog, and continue to discover incredible new brands. It’s obviously going to take some time to get there, and you can’t expect everything to come through PR (I know I certainly don’t), but it’s a little bonus if you can get one post a month using things you’ve not bought yourself. I would definitely still blog without this incentive, and don’t start blogging for freebies or fame because they’re not a guarantee, especially with blogging being an ever growing hobby, but it’s a little bonus to save me that tiny bit of money and still be able to produce new and exciting content.

Another fairly obvious post to put together is a shop my stash style post. When I had my first beauty blog (that lasted a grand total of two months), these were really popular. The concept is simple – dig out products you’ve not used for a long time and fall in love with them again. You could review an oldie but a goodie, or put together a full face of makeup with products you used to love but had forgotten about. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to shopping your stash and it’s a great way to reintroduce products into your routine.

I haven’t written a favourites post in quite some time, but I might try to get back into it. It’s a great way of chatting about products you’ve probably spoken about before and therefore giving a product you might have never spoken about again a second (or third or fourth) mention on your blog. These are a little easier to put together when you have a constant stream of products coming into your stash, but there’s nothing stopping you doing them every month, or as the season changes.

Putting together product or brand edits are pretty easy, and definitely make use of whatever is already in your collection. Why not dedicate a post to your favourite nude lipsticks, or give a shoutout to your MAC must-haves. You know you love the posts, and it’s a way of sharing your favourites without them being seasonal or products that are new into your stash.

If you’re not stocking up your collection then you must be using products up, right? You could share your empties with your readers so they can see what pieces you’ve used to the bitter end. I’m going to be honest, I find these to be my least read posts but they are definitely one of my favourites to actually read (or watch on YouTube). You can give a really in depth review, and you can easily do one of these posts every month or two if you’re not testing out a bucket load of new products.

Are you as bad as I am at getting rid of products, even if you’ve hated them? Why not rifle through your collection and put together a summary post on products you regret buying, and maybe even getting rid (when I do a sort out like this I tend to justify buying more to replace them – it’s a win/win!). Someone might even offer up a better alternative for you to try.

Still can’t resist a cheeky purchase or three? Keep a list of all the products you want to treat yourself to and look out for sales and discounts. Feel Unique always have discounts on offer, House of Fraser offer student discount, Superdrug have their Treat Thursdays (usually between 10% and 20% off a different range of products) and you can stack up your Boots advantage card points when you buy essentials to spend on a treat in the future! I’m a sucker for a little bit of discount, and 10% off definitely makes some purchases a little more excusable.

Some of my other favourite mentions from the posts I linked further up the page were to put together how to posts and entering giveaways (which I’m definitely a sucker for), but make sure you check them out because there are some proper gems in those posts!

How do you save money whilst still keeping a beauty blog going? Let me know!

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  • I tried to do no big makeup spending this month because of how much money I spent in December but have to say coming up with content is quite difficult! I find favourite posts are always a great place to start and also Forgotten Product posts because then you are inclined to remember the products you’ve forgotten exist! xx

    • I have so many products I’ve forgotten about, and can’t wait to share them more on my blog this year x

  • It’s so hard blogging anything on a budget! But I think it really makes you get creative with what you’ve got and the content you can get out of that without repeating yourself! I love the idea of shopping your stash, empties and favourites, all easily done without spending any money! Wishlists are the ultimate window shopping for bloggers too!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • I struggle with wishlists, mainly because I want to buy everything on them haha. But if you have more restraint than me they’re a great idea! x

  • Love your blog! I struggle a lot with keeping up on the beauty side. Makeup can come up so expensive! It’s always nice when you find the right deal or you try save for the ONE item that you know will be worth the money. Thanks for sharing!

    Alexis xoxo |

    Instagram: @lexxianne

    Twitter: @AlexisAnneBlog

    • Makeup can be super expensive, so research is definitely key! I’m all about finding the best deal going x

  • I really loved this post! These are all things that really do make blogging on a budget super easy.

    • I’m all about an easy life, and I thought these would definitely help with other people trying to save a bit but still chat about what they love! x

  • Blogging, especially beauty blogging on a budget is a difficult one but one thing I do is to make sure not to buy a product just for the sake of it. I think some ways to blog on a budget is to give tips for instance, how to create a flawless base. Also blogging about your collection – favourite liquid lipsticks.

    • It’s definitely easy to be sucked into the hype of a product and buying it just because it’s the next big thing. Tips are definitely a great way of not spending a lot of money but still sharing your stash! x

  • Beauty blogging can be so expensive – I know I get a bad case of FOMO when everyone seems to be talking about a particular product! Thankfully, most products aren’t sold here in the Philippines, so my wallet is safe!