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Rimmel Brow Product Collection

We all know that 2016 was the year of the brow, particularly the instabrow. Everyone was about that fade, but I’m still a little behind the times. I have a reasonably strong brow naturally, a fairly decent arch and I do very little with them (beside getting them threaded once a month…okay more like once every two months because laziness prevails, but it’s been this way for 6.5 years). I’m a big fan of the Benefit Gimme Brow but it’s not a cheap product and I need to get searching for budget alternatives. Thankfully Rimmel is one of those brands that is always on hand to keep my pocket happy, as well as my face.

My real makeup love started in 2014, and I spent a lot of time watching YouTubers rave about MAC Omega as a brow powder and setting it down with any old clear mascara. My weapons of choice became Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut and their trusty clear mascara (fortunately I had darker hair then and could mostly pull it off), but I wanted more. I wanted to get into the game of dedicated brow products and that’s where Rimmel became a star in my collection.

When I saw that they sold a clear brow gel I was all over that like a bad rash. I must’ve got through about four of these before I tried out a load of alternatives (I still have a few to get through too – I had a serious problem about a year and a half ago when it came to buying brow gels). Back in the day, this was housed in a clear tube which meant I threw them away quite quickly as they looked proper grim. Nowadays the clear brow gel is found in a white tube so I’ll probably make these last a little longer as I can deny this grossness of the interior, but the formula seems pretty similar.

Rimmel Brow This Way Powder

I also decided that I needed a better match for my eyebrows and after picking out a shade that was too dark from L’Oreal, and one that was too expensive from Smashbox, I finally settled for my trusty Rimmel again. I loved their Brow This Way kit and whilst the brow wax was of no interest, I was a big fan of the brow powder. It blends through the brows easily and even comes with a tiny brush spoolie. However, since going back to my natural hair colour, the two shades are a little too deep for me. I couldn’t recommend it more, I’d just rather have a lighter shade!

After I gave up the powder life (laziness prevailed once again), I tried out a couple of tinted brow gels. We all know that I love the Benefit offering, but I always gave the Essence Make Me Brow a whirl. It was fine, but didn’t give my brows the fullness that I was after (and what I got from my Gimme Brow). When Rimmel sent over their Brow This Way Tinted Brow Gel* I knew it was about time that I switched over from Benefit Gimme Brow, but just know that it’s not the same product.

Well, it surely wasn’t going to be for less than a third of the price but it just differs slightly. Gimme Brow builds up a brow, whereas Brow This Way temporarily tints the brow. Gimme Brow has a teeny tiny spooly to catch all the hairs in your brow, whereas Brow This Way is a much larger brush that takes a little bit of patience to get to work. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful product but it’s difficult to get used to again after using my favourite Benefit product to sort out my face in the morning.

Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel

I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture – that I’ve got a pretty poor brow routine. But with the likes of Benefit on the high end spectrum and Rimmel down the more budget friendly aisles, there’s no reason for me to be so bad anymore. Applying a highlight just below the arch on the high points of your brow is as easy as pulling out a creamy pencil which gives a beautiful sheen that catches the light just right. Sure, High Brow has been around for ages from Benefit but I’m not really a fan of it. I personally love the Rimmel Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil in 002 Shimmer* for illuminating the arch when I want something a little more powerful when I’m dressing up. It’s creamy meaning that it’s easy to blend, and the jumbo pencil makes application take mere seconds.

I can’t bring myself to venture into the world of eyebrow pencils and pomades, simply because I find that they take far too long. Sure they have an incredible result (look at the likes of the Anastasia products) but I just don’t have the patience in the morning. Maybe 2017 will be the year of the brow for me as I try out a few of these other options, just a year behind everybody else as always.

Rimmel Save The Date

On the 15th of February (just 3 days away) Rimmel is bringing out their biggest ever brow innovation. Save the date and get involved on the hashtag across social media: #BrowLikeCara – good ol’ Cara Delevigne giving us eyebrow envy and getting on board!

Are you an eyebrow product fanatic? Let me know your top products because I’m clearly in need of a few more options.

*This post contains products sent for PR purposes, but all opinions are my own.
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