Body Care Wishlist, Summer 2017

Summer Body Care Wishlist | Essential Twenty

I’ve finally decided, at the ripe old age of 22, that I need to up my body care game. Every birthday and Christmas I get a million body care products but never use them properly. But now I’m cracking on with it! For the past month I’ve slowly been getting more body care products into my routine, and that also means I’ve been adding to my wish list. And that’s what I’m sharing today.

I love the L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream, and I’ve said before that it’s the only one that keeps my hands nourished all day. I’ve almost finished up the travel sized tube that I have of this, and I’m definitely after a new tube! This is the only product on my list that I have previously tried, and its also the only hand product that’s on my list.

In a similar vain to hands, I’d love to try The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub (which is never in stock when I try to buy it). I’ve previously tried the intensive foot rescue from the same line and it’s the only foot cream I’ve ever had results from, so I’d love to extend my collection of this range. There’s nothing worse than bad feet with summer being here!

I’ve actually got a few more products from The Body Shop on my wishlist. The next product from The Body Shop that I’ve got my eye on is The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. I currently have a lot of more intense scrubs, but as I have unsightly textured skin on the back of my arms I like to scrub every day with something a little more gentle. As I’ve been loving the scent of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, I think it’s only right that I try the body polish!

The final product from The Body Shop that I’ve got my eye on is The Body Shop Hawaiian Kukui Cream as it smells of summer (although I wish I could get more of the Pinita Colada range, as that is the peak of all summer scents) and is super nourishing ready for the summer. I use body scrub a lot more during the summer and my skin definitely needs a moisture boost!

I’m actually really into body nourishment products at the moment, and another one I’ve had my eye on is the Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Full of Vitamin E – a skincare fave of mine at the moment – and with an argan and almond scent, I’ve had my eye on it for a little while. This is a lotion that you wash off and it leaves you nourished, just like a hair conditioner would, and I think I’m going to have to treat myself to some more Lush skin and body care products. An upcoming haul maybe?

The final body lotion is much more indulgent than the others, and this is the Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Body Crème. I have the cologne and body wash in the same scent, and I am dying to be able to really layer the scent as it is gorgeous. This is a body cream that is obviously waaaay more expensive than I could ever afford but maybe I could treat myself in duty free over the summer.

I’m so lazy when it comes to fake tan. I love having summer skin, but I’m just flipping lazy! But after spotting the NKD SKN by Vita Liberata Pre-Shower Tan in Superdrug, I thought this sounded a great way to have a tan with minimal effort. It’s literally a case of applying the lotion ten minutes before a shower then rinsing it off. The tan then develops over the day – I just hope it doesn’t give that biscuit scent!

I’ve been loving using Soap & Glory Whipped Clean in the shower recently, and whilst I don’t love a ton of the Soap & Glory Scents, I’ve had my eye on the Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous shower gel for a few months. It would take me flipping ages to get through 500ml of shower gel, but it smells good so why not?

I’ve not tried a lot of the Zoella Beauty Range, but since the Sweet Inspirations range was released, I’ve had my eye on the Zoella Bath Latte. I love a bath full of suds, and I hear that this can do magical things so I’m definitely game to try it!

The final product on my current body care wishlist is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Citrus Shower Gel. This has been in my eye line since Anna mentioned it in a video a while ago and whilst it’s a little more high end than I would usually go for, you definitely have to treat yourself every now and again!

What’s on your current body care wishlist? Do any of these catch your eye?

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