Blogmas Day 2: My Advent Calendars

I thought that by the age of 21 I would not longer get excited by the prospect of opening a paper door to find a tiny piece of chocolate behind it, but I still do. And my mum still buys them for me (hides face).

Day 2

Although this year I’ve gone a couple of steps further and am the proud owner of three advent calendars.

Dairy Milk

This year I have not one, but two Cadbury Dairy Milk advent calendars – one at my flat and one at my boyfriend’s (who now knows about my blog, but that’s a story for another day). My mum bought me one for my flat, and his mum bought me one in case my mum hadn’t got me one. They are exactly the same calendars, but I love chocolate so I don’t mind at all.


I’ve been eyeing up beauty advent calendars for the last couple of years and this year I finally took the plunge and bought myself the No 7 25 Days of Beauty Wonders calendar. Being a student I have a fairly limited budget but Boots are offering 10% off for students online, so I had to treat myself! This retails at £38, but has a £148 value so overall it seemed like a bargain. I’m super excited to get to open the doors every day this month.

No7 & DM

I have loved every No 7 product I’ve ever tried, and I think this is going to be the perfect way for me to sample some new bits, and I’m really excited that there are 6 full sized goodies inside. You never know, some of these products might become firm favourites of mine this month.

Which advent calendar have you chosen this year?

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  • Ilse Daniëlle

    Oh, I wish for a beauty advent calendar too!! And the Cadbury one looks so good too! I have a Smarties one and a cheap cardboard-chocolate one haha. In Norway they’re so expensive and there’s not much variety.

    Xx Ilse

  • I got the No7 calendar as well! I think the first two days have been so good and I can’t wait for what else I find! So good for the money as well, I’m in love!
    Shona x

  • I have the Malteasers one (one at work and one at home ha!).. Chocolate ones are my FAVES!
    Saira x

    • Mmm I love malteasers but I didn’t see this one anywhere! There is nothing better than waking up to chocolate in the morning haha x

  • I’m ashamed to say, I don’t have one at all this year! 🙁 Desperately going to try and find a last minute one somewhere if there are any left. Cadburys is always a winner each year for me though! Definitely going to try No.7 next year!

    Tania | x

    • I think I saw a few left in poundland and superdrug if you’re struggling x