I’m In A Blogging Slump

I'm In A Blogging Slump | Essential Twenty

I know just a couple of weeks ago I was on a real blogging high. I was excited to improve my blog, try new things and just have a great time. But now, I’m in a blogging slump. The biggest slump I’ve ever been in. And this is not good considering blogmas is just a couple of weeks away and I’m not prepared in the slightest. Seriously, I only have two posts written for the entirety of December.

There’s a couple of reasons for this, and I’m hoping that this post will get some of my frustrations out and pick me up a little bit. And if not, then oh well. I have deadlines I’ve promised to meet and I’ll just have to work through it during December!

I’m distracted

With Christmas coming up, I’m busy shopping, wrapping and decking the halls. This year I want to enjoy December by not having to step foot in a shop unless I choose to. Other than the big food shop before the Christmas Day itself, I don’t want to be close to anything retail related unless its on my terms.

The other big distraction is coming from my current addiction to jigsaw puzzles. I get in from work, I sit at the table and add to whatever puzzle is in progress at the time. Yes, my blogging slump is because I’d rather put a few puzzle pieces in place that tap out a post. These things happen.

I'm In A Blogging Slump | Essential Twenty

I hate photography

Honestly, this is the number one reason I’m in a blogging slump. Whilst saying I hate photography seems a little broad, and not true in the slightest, there are so many aspects I dislike that I’ve just given up. In fact, that why until yesterday I hadn’t written a post in almost a week. I just have no desire to try with my photos. I hate setting up shots, I hate editing and I hate seeing the disappointing shots when they’re ‘done’.

I’ve realised I do like taking pictures of things, of people, or life. The set shots are not fun for me, so when the new year comes I’m going to sharing the photos I enjoy taking, not the photos I feel I ought to take.

Getting out of the blogging slump

It won’t be easy by any means, but it’s time to get into a routine and get out of the blogging slump. Instead of coming home and pouring a glass of wine, it’s time to whip out the laptop and write. I need to follow my strategy of working on the move by writing posts on my phone to and from work. Instead of being in bed before 8pm (more regularly than I care to share), I’m going to sit at the dining room table and write. Write until my fingers hurt. I’m going to forget the photos and do the part of blogging that I enjoy. For the rest of the month, don’t expect too much from me. And in 2018, maybe I’ll learn who I am as a blogger.

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