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I’ve been reading more and more blogs this month, and it’s made picking four blogs for this month’s blog share incredibly difficult. Almost to the point where I didn’t want to make a post on it.


But I think it’s so important to share the love so yesterday I went back to find my favourite posts this month so that I could share them with you.


I met Laura at #LeedsXmasMeet and although I was following her before, I definitely read her blog way more after meeting her. She’s an incredible writer and really articulates what she’s trying to say extremely well. This month she gave her blog a makeover and started posting content for her, and I’ve been really enjoying them. Laura has become super confident recently and I’ve loved every single post this month. But I think my favourites have to have been Gotta Go My Own Way, That’s It, I’m Not Going, House Bunny Lessons & Hello YouTube. That’s right, Laura also started her YouTube channel this month, and although there’s only one video so far it’s fab.


Saira started blogging around the same time as I did and she’s been going from the strength to strength this month, and like Laura, started a YouTube channel. I even got to meet Saira this month at the Tales of Bath launch which was wonderful as we’ve been waiting to meet for ages! My favourite posts from Saira this month have definitely been Spring Time Lush Edition, Teen Makeup TrendsSpring Pamper Routine.

Miel & Mint

Nadia is a blogger I’ve known around the twittersphere for a little while but have only recently started following. However, she is definitely one of the loveliest bloggers out there and she must’ve felt her ears burning a couple of weeks ago as myself and a few other bloggers were discussing how incredibly supportive she is. My favourite posts from Nadia this month have definitely been 10 Reasons Why My Mum is My Bestie, 50 Facts About Me and her Blogging 101 Tools.


And last but not least is Ashton, who is just about as addicted to entering giveaways as I am. Ashton is another super supportive blogger who I really don’t have a bad word to say about. This month I’ve loved the following posts: 15 Things I Lie About (Almost) Daily,  A Lush Spring Goodie Bag & Haul and The Ultimate Printable Twitter Chat Timetable, The first two posts are just great blog posts to read, but the final one is a total lifesaver. This is a PDF that has basically all the twitter chats you could ever want to take part in!

I’d also like to give a mini shoutout to Carrieanne who organised the Leeds March Meet earlier this month. You can read all about where the proceeds raised went to here! She hasn’t had too many posts this month thanks to organising such an incredible event but it was great to know that myself and a group of other bloggers have helped out a few people local to me (especially since the centre was in Huddersfield which is where I live).

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