Blog Share #2

I’m back at the end of another month to share my favourite blog posts from the month with you. This month has seen my 100th blog post come and go, as well as some incredible posts from other people.

Blog Share 2

I’ve got four lovely bloggers to share with you today, all in my list of favourite bloggers of all time. And if you’ve not followed these guys already I feel like you’re doing something wrong.

Aislings Beauty Bytes

First up is Aisling who started the month off with a really powerful post. I was so impressed with The Power of Makeup that I couldn’t not include her in today’s post. Other posts that have really struck a chord with me recently are The Pros and Cons of Online Friendships and My Mental Health – One Year On.  If you’ve ever really struggled with you your mental health then the latter post is definitely something you can relate to (I know I did when I read it).


Someone who I can quite easily share posts from every week is Rhianna and this made narrowing down my absolute favourites somewhat of a challenge. However, How To Fall Back In Love With You Blog really stood out to me and has made me really want to up my blogging game. Once I’ve graduated, got a full time job (scary) and a bit of money to be spending on my blog, I really want to give it a huge overhaul and this post has made me want to get the ball rolling. Linked in with this is 9 Ways To Look After Your Blog, which I plan to do this upcoming week (what uni assignment?). A couple of other posts I can recommend to you from this month are 51 Thoughts Every Twenty-Something Girl Has Every Day and A Romantic Weekend at Quebecs Leeds (the latter for the photography alone).


Robyn has posted some corkers this month. Not only is she style goals but she’s a pretty great writer too. A post that really resonated with me this month was 29 Things Most Girls Do But Don’t Admit To – yes I am as gross as that post makes out. I also wholeheartedly agree with Why Online Shopping Is The Best Thing Ever and I loved Wardrobe Essentials: The Checked Shirt. Seriously, who doesn’t own a checked shirt? It’s a staple!

Vix Meldrew

Last but not least is Vicky who is the queen of hilarity. My favourite this month has to be 10 Things About Blogging That Are Like Crack just because there is so much honesty embedded in the jokes. Blogging is an addiction, and it’s one that won’t be stopping any time soon. I also loved reading 10 Things That Give Me Trust Issues and Why I’d Rather Be Single Than Settle. Not only are Vicky’s posts hilarious, but they often give food for thought and they’re definitely worth a read.

Who were your favourite bloggers this month?

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