Blog Share #1

Sometimes I feel as if I don’t share the love enough, so I’m starting a little project. Once a month I want to share the bloggers who have made my heart happy or those that I feel deserve a little more loving from the community. Welcome to Blog Share!


Some of these you may follow, others you may not. Personally I think you’re mad for not following these lovelies!

Olivia Cheryl Header

First up is Olivia who I have been advertising with this month (and she’s been over in my side bar too) – but that’s not the reason that I want to share her blog with you right now. Olivia has such interesting and thought provoking blog posts and deserves a lot of love for them. My favourites over the past month have been Gender Transgender, Project Self Love and The Body Shop Sale Haul, so if you only check out three make sure it’s these ones! This month, she’s also set up a new [blog with her mum] which show the contrasts of perspectives between not just a people born in different decades but mother and a daughter.

Imii Header

Secondly is Imii who I had the great fortune of meeting at #LeedsXmasMeet almost two months ago. Although she is one of the loveliest bloggers out there, she’s also got a pretty fabulous blog going on. My favourite post by her this month is 15 Home Truths which is both hilarious and true so definitely check that out.

Imii Insta

Also her Instagram is goals (and I don’t say that often). It is honestly my favourite Instagram account at the minute and if you’re not following her then what are you doing with your life? And did I mention she lives in Paris?

Kathryn Header

Third up is Kathryn who I speak to from time to time on twitter has a lovely little lifestyle blog which I’m forever refreshing to check for more tips I have to know to succeed in life. This month she’s posted gems such as A Student’s Guide To Cooking For Yourself (you think I’d know this since I’ve been doing it for 2 and a half years but apparently I don’t), and her 2016 Travel Lust List which got me seriously wanting to book a holiday and I’ve got one of these posts coming at you very, very soon.


Last but not least is Joe who is always on twitter to give you a witty comeback or some much needed advice. Joe turned one this month so you should follow him and enter his giveaway whilst you’ve still got a few remaining hours. And if you’re looking for an actual post to read I highly recommend his 23 Reasons the Outside World is a Terrible Place as it had me in stitches mid-week.

So there are a couple of my favourite bloggers this month so definitely give them a look in, and send me your favourites!


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