August Favourites

I can’t quite believe that I’ve managed to stick to a schedule for an entire month. Wow. So this is my first ever favourites post, and as this goes live, I’ll have been in America for almost a week (if I’ve got my dates right, we’ll be leaving the Denver area today and heading to Monument Valley – I’m sure I’ll be tweeting and instagramming whilst in America, so you can check out my most recent posts by clicking the links there, at the bottom of this post, or in the Contact section). This favourites post was a little hard, because I’ve had this scheduled for a couple of weeks, so this is more like a mid-August favourites, but some of these bits have been favourites since before August started. Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling and get on with the post.

I’ve got a fairly good mix of makeup, skincare and bodycare (and even one haircare product, and I’m really not fussy with my hair) this month, so I’m going to dive right in with makeup – my actual favourite.

An eyeshadow combination I’ve been loving this month comes from the Stila In The Light Palette (RRP £25, read more about it here) which my mum bought for me in May. We were in M&S on Oxford Street and she had a ‘£5 off’ makeup voucher, and since I’d been eyeing this up for a very long time, she treated me (she kept the smudge stick because she wanted a brown eyeliner, but I got a free palette out of it so I wasn’t complaining. I was actually going to pop into Selfridges to buy it the very same day, but I’m not telling my mother this). Anyway, I wasn’t really using it that much, but for the last three weeks or so, I’ve been loving the combination of Bliss as a wash of colour over the lid, with Sunset in the crease. More recently, I have been using sunset over the lid, KIKO’s Infinity Eyeshadow in 211 in the crease and below the eye, and Stila’s Kitten in the inner corner as a highlight shade. I know this is more of an autumnal eye look, but I’ve been loving it so much that I’m not sticking to the traditional eye shades.

Can I just say that I didn’t notice that it said Chlamydia above the product until I was proofreading, by which point I was on too much of a schedule to keep to retake the photo. I apologise.

Sleek’s Matte Me in Birthday Suit (RRP £4.99, read more about it here) was a product that I bought in my drugstore beauty haul at the beginning of August, and I have loved it since first wearing it. It’s so smooth and although it dries incredibly matte, it’s not drying. It stays put all day and I genuinely think I could end up with the entire collection within the year. It is quite wet, so you have to be careful when applying it as it’s quite messy, but as it takes a while to dry, it’s not too difficult to mop up. This is the perfect nude matte shade, and I think I’d buy another in a heartbeat if I were to lose it.

This mascara is my current favourite, and have worn this 6 days out of 7 every week this month. This is pretty impressive as I do like to switch my mascaras up regularly, and it is Bourjois’ Volume 1 Second Mascara (RRP £9.99, read more about it here). I bought this mascara two or three months ago as it was on offer in this limited edition packaging, and I’d never tried any Bourjois Mascaras. I didn’t use it for ages, but one day I pulled it out of my drawer and fell in love. I wouldn’t give it a 5-star rating though, as I can’t stand the smell, but once it dries you can’t smell it, and since it makes my eyelashes look so volumised, I can handle it. It’s definitely a mascara to try out if you haven’t already.

Bath-wise, I’ve been really enjoying Clarins’ Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate (Full Size RRP £19, read more about it here). This is actually my mum’s, but I have way more bath’s than her so if I need a real wind-down, I pop in some of this. In terms of consistency, it’s thicker than an oil, but thinner than a bubble bath or shower gel. It just makes the steam in the air smell wonderful and it’s so relaxing. It doesn’t give off lots of bubbles, so I use it with bubble bath, but it is just so relaxing if I don’t fancy a bath melt or bomb.

Onto hair care, and I’ve been loving this Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Cream (RRP £3.99, currently on offer for £1.97 at Superdrug), which is a leave in conditioner. I’m not sure if it’s actually making a difference to my hair, but I love using it after I’ve washed my hair because it smells gorgeous. I mainly keep using this because it smells so good on my hands after I’ve used it – that’s actually why it’s a favourite. It reminds me of a smell I liked as a child, but I can’t put my finger on what the smell is. I run it through the ends of my hair before I dry it, and I think it is doing something (even if just protecting it a little). I destroyed my hair 18 months ago, and I have a blog post coming later this week about how I sorted it out, and I will try anything once to keep my hair alive.

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream is my favourite hand cream ever. It smells like my Granny, and maybe that’s why I chose this scent over the other scents for a hand cream. I have used the Body Butter of the same scent up until recently too. This hand cream is so nourishing and the smell lingers for just long enough to get the chance to appreciate it, without you getting sick of it. I always have this in my bag so I can whip it out when my hands need a little TLC. This is the smaller tube as it’s much more handbag friendly, but I’m tempted to pick up the full size to have next to my bed to use in the morning and evenings. Unfortunately as I wrote this post, I couldn’t gain access to The Body Shop’s website so I’m not sure how much this retails for, nor can I give you any other further information. But it’s nothing that a quick Google search won’t sort out for you.

Before August started, I had never tried any of the Una Brennan products, which surprising since I really like trying out skincare (especially face masks). However, the Superfacialist products were 1/3 off in Boots when I went in at the start of the month so I decided to pick up the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask (RRP £8.99, read more about it here) as I’ve seen it dotted about the internet in posts and photos in the last six months or so. This has quite a strong rose scent, but since it’s a fresh smell, it’s definitely not overpowering. It is really moisturising but it’s not greasy so I think it could definitely work on all skintypes. It’s also a really nice sleek tube to sit anywhere you need it to without looking too garish. This was an instant hit with me and I’m going to continue to use it frequently.

Last but not least is my favourite favourite of the month, and it’s the Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream (RRP £4.99, but currently on offer in Boots for £2.49). This is my joint first favourite night cream I’ve ever tried, being on par with Ren’s V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream, but at a fraction on the price, you can’t not love it. This works really well with the Botanics Facial Oil too. They’re really smashing it as a brand at the moment in my eyes. This is the most hydrating moisturiser I have ever used, and I still feel moisturised when I wake up. It’s also very calming for the skin, and smells beautiful Definitely one to give a go if you’re looking for a new night cream, especially as it’s so inexpensive.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think about them? Or has this made you want to try any of the products I’ve mentioned?

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Any prices and links were correct at the time of initial scheduling on the 11th August (very early for a favourites write up, but I did say that most of these have been favourites since mid July).

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