An Unsuccessful Lush Sale Haul

I love Lush. This isn’t not something that I hide. Although recently I’ve been a little bit disappointed with them thanks to a couple of incidents.

Lush Box

I, like every other Lush obsessed individual, was up at the crack of dawn on Boxing Day to get my hands on the items in the Lush sale. 50% off some of my favourite bath bombs – how could I not? Unfortunately, after a mass of errors, I didn’t get my order in until the 27th. If I could’ve got into town I would’ve definitely gone in but crutches and Boxing Day sales wasn’t a combination that I wanted to try. Never mind, I only missed out on a couple of products that I had my eye on. But that’s not the end of my disappointment.

Oh no, it wasn’t. Because when I opened this box on Monday (the post office has been keeping it warm for me for about a week) two items were missing. And I was charged. And I’m still waiting for an apology/refund/replacement at the time of writing this. And they’re the two I was most excited for – a little bottle of Snow Fairy to use when I’m having a bad day, and the Cinders bath bomb which I forgot to pick up in my last order. Alas, I still got four bath bombs in the order so I thought I’d share them with you today.

Lush Overview

This year, I picked up just the one product that I’d never tried before. And that was Golden Wonder. For some reason I just never buy this so I thought I’d give it a whirl at half price. Another sale item that I haven’t used in a while in Dashing Santa. I bought this in the sale last year as well and although it might not be as exciting as a lot of Lush’s bath ballistics, it is a Christmas staple.

Lush Bombs

The other two bombs I ordered were Yog Nog and Father Christmas which I’d tried for the first time this year thanks to my Seasonal Lush Haul back in October. Yog Nog smelt of coffee and it was gorgeous, so I’m glad I ordered it the first time (I wasn’t sure on it originally) and Father Christmas was beautiful too. I just wanted to restock on these for an extra special wintery bath.

Did you manage to get any goodies in the Lush sale?

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