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My America Wish List

I’m jetting off to America in less than four weeks for almost three weeks of being the ultimate tourist. Sort of. It’s our final family holiday apparently, so with my parents and my younger brother, I’ll be visiting Denver, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Galveston, and Dallas, all in the space of 20 days. It’s going to be tight but all I’m worried about at the minute is the amount of shopping I’m going to be able to fit in. I’ve compiled my wish list for this trip, and although I know I’m not going to be able to afford everything on this list, a girl can dream.

You may notice that a good proportion of these products can be bought in the UK but I’ve got loads of makeup to see me through until I get to America. I’m very much a fan of saving money, especially on high end products, hence why I’ve been waiting until America to buy these (this has been a trip in the making for about 18 months).


America Wish List | Essential TwentyThe first thing I’m desperate to get my hands on are drugstore beauty bits. I want to try products from Physicians Formula, Wet n WildNYX, and ELF (I know you can buy most of these in the UK but not for the price that you can in the States), as well as the Milani Baked Blushes (which are cheaper in the States too). I’m going to go mad in the supermarkets and drugstores when it comes to makeup. There seems to be so many dupes for high end products out there so I’m definitely going to be writing a list of these to remind me which bits to pick up when I’m over there, and add them all to my wish list. I’m also hoping to pick up the Real Techniques Setting Brush as it’s one of the few original style Real Techniques brushes that I’m missing from my collection, and it is much better value for money in the US.

America Wish List | Essential Twenty

MAC-wise, I’ve got my eye on a few eyeshadows. I’m dying to get CranberryAll That GlittersWoodwinked, NylonJest, Amber LightsOmega, and Wedge. I know I won’t buy all of these colours but those are the ones I’ve got my eye on and will probably pick up a couple. I love my Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat, and use it a couple of times a week as an eyeshadow base. I’m looking at buying Bare Study and Painterly to add to my collection. When it comes to lips, I’m hoping to pick up Velvet Teddy Lipstick with the Soar and/or Whirl Lipliners, but I can imagine they will be out of stock. We’ll see though. I’ve also been looking at Mehr Lipstick recently, and I intend to swatch a few others whilst I’m in America. I would like to buy another 217 Brush too, as I want to be able to blend light and dark colours better, and I know this will be easier if I’ve got two brushes.

The hotel we’re staying in in Las Vegas has a Sephora in it, so I think we all know where most of my money and time is being spent. After I’ve seen Rachel has talked about the Sephora Cream Lip Stains and the Sephora Luster Matte Lip Colour non-stop, I really want to give them a go. I might even branch out and go for some coloured products, instead of my usual nudes (my absolute favourite). A lot of beauty bloggers love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade so I’m hoping to give that a go, especially since in the last year or so I’ve been getting into my brow products. I’ve got no idea what colour I’ll need, so I’ll just have to wait until I get there to work it out. In Fleur‘s Sephora haul with Lily, she mentioned the Bite Deluxe Matte Creme Lip Crayon Mini that she picked up at the counter, and since I’ve been looking at Bite products for a while, I’ll be picking up one of these if they’re still there.

If I manage to pack in a trip to Ulta (lets bear in mind that I’m going to be with a grumpy 19 year old boy and an even grumpier 51 year old man, neither of whom will want to be going into makeup stores), I’m dying to try the Lorac PRO Palette. I feel like I’ll have really entered the beauty world if I manage to pick up one of these. I was actually looking at them the other day, and they’re not as pricey as I thought so I might try and sneak this into my basket at Ulta. Other high end products I hope to pick up are the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer because it looks gorgeous and I’ve been lusting after it for two years, and the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer for the same reason. Can you tell I love bronzer? I saw a good deal on Bronze Goddess over here a while back but they only had the darkest shade left which would not be any good for me. And I’m such a packaging junkie that I want the Chanel bronzer just to sit on my dressing table. Like my obsession with bronzer, I also love blush and have added one to my wish list. The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes look gorgeous, and I’d love to be able to add a couple of my collection. The last thing I’m looking at makeup wise, are the Makeup Forever Aqua Creams, because I want to add some more cream eyeshadows and bases to my collection. The colours I’m looking at currently are Taupe, Satin Brown, and Golden Copper. I can’t even begin to imagine how many swatches will be on my hand when walking out of all of these stores.

America Wish List | Essential Twenty

I’ve gone a bit beauty mad, so I thought I’d end this wish list with some non-beauty products. I have three of these, and this gets pricey (but it is my birthday coming up so maybe my parents would like to treat me). First, I want to get myself some new candles. So many youtubers rave about Bath and Body Works Candles, so I intend on sniffing those out whilst I’m over there and buying myself a couple for the flat I’ll be moving into four days after I return. Technology wise, I want to pick up a DSLR camera but this is more likely to be a duty free purchase. I love the look of the Canon EOS 600D DSLR Camera but it may be a bit out of my price range, so I may have to shop around a bit first. But the Canon is a work of beauty in my eyes. My final piece of non-beauty goodness is a new iPod. I’ve had the one I’ve got now for probably 4 or 5 years and there just isn’t enough memory on it (I’ve got a nano with 16GB memory, not sure which generation it is though). Plus, I cracked the screen by standing on it in a coat pocket. Because of all these factors, I hope to buy a iPod Touch 32GB as an early birthday present to myself. With the exchange rate, it works out to be around £40 cheaper in America than here, hence why I want to pick it up over there.

You’ll have to check back here towards the end of September to see what I actually managed to pick up from my wish list, or whether I stuck to it at all. I’ll keep you posted, and will hopefully be putting up a haul.

Are there any products on your wish list that you either can’t get where you live, or are just a lot cheaper elsewhere? Let me know in the comments below.

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