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Expecting a fun about me page? Essential Twenty isn’t about that life…but we can try! Seriously, why are they so difficult to put together? Does anybody actually like writing about themselves?

My name is Sophie, a 20-something lifestyle blogger based in East Anglia stumbling her way through the blogging world.

After countless abandoned blogs over the years, on a July evening in 2015, Essential Twenty was born. Whilst Essential Twenty’s roots are in beauty blogging, it’s been a couple of years of trial an error to find out where I want to be as a blogger. Now, I blog a little bit of everything. I started this blog as a place to talk about what I enjoyed at the time, and I still do that, it’s just that what I enjoy has changed.

Instead of spending my money on the latest beauty launch, I now take frequent trips to the theatre and spend most weekends visiting a variety of places in the UK. And when I’m not on my way to somewhere new, I’m often found hammering away at a keyboard on a train up to Yorkshire or down to London writing posts for this blog. This place eats up my social life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

On Essential Twenty, you’ll regularly find posts all about the ridiculously short time I’ve spent in towns that document my travels. I share my theatre tips, my travel tips, and all my life experiences. Want to know the real Sophie? This is where you’ll find her. My blog tells things as they are, and not painted with the rose gold brush many bloggers seem to paint theirs with (not an issue at all, I just got sick of doing it).

Working as a lab technician in a college after graduating with a degree in Medical Genetics, my wage is pretty pants. This means everything I do is on a budget, so my lifestyle is pretty easy to recreate. Each week you can expect to see posts about new places I’ve been, life updates, and still the occasional beauty review – ya girl can’t resist a face mask and a new mascara!

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