About Essential Twenty

Posted on July 17, 2015

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Hello. My name is Sophie and I’m a twenty-something blogger with a little self restraint when it comes to buying beauty products and recipe books. I started Essential Twenty in Summer 2015 after realising that I’d be living alone for the final year of my Medical Genetics degree and needed something to fill my time. Something other than my degree. Whilst I’ve created a number of blogs over the years, this is the longest a blog of mine has ever survived. Yes, after many failed blog attempts in the past this is the one that stuck.

Now I’m a graduate, I spend my week days working at a post-16 college as a lab technician (can’t get away from science), and my evenings and weekends singing along to Broadway soundtracks whilst tapping away at my keyboard and taking photos for Essential Twenty. The balance may sometimes seem a little off but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On Essential Twenty, you’ll mainly find beauty rambles and the occasional lifestyle post. Most posts will be related to makeup that I’ve fallen in love with and skincare that I just can’t live without, as well as the occasional book review. At present you won’t find too many foodie posts on here, but you’ll definitely find me eating a lot of Mexican and Italian food behind the scenes. Oh, and chips. I love chips.

I’ve had the chance to work with some incredible brands since starting Essential Twenty and I’m always game to work with other companies in and around the beauty industry. Please see my contact page if you are interested in working with me (or just knowing what my social media handles are).