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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review

ABH Modern Renaissance

Is it any real surprise that I’m a fan of warm eyeshadows? I don’t think so! When the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette was released in the summer I knew I had to pick it up at some point, but it wasn’t until just before Christmas that I finally pulled my finger out and ordered it. Plus, I knew I wasn’t in any rush as this is ABH’s very first permanent eyeshadow palette! ABH is now available to order in the UK and offering free delivery over £25 it seemed like a silly decision not to (until I spent a load of money a few days later in the Boxing Day Sales). Hang on until the end of the post if you want to know how the shipping was so you can decide whether to order direct or through another retailer such as Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay.

So how did I get on with my first ever ABH purchase?

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

First things first, I hate the packaging. It feels like cheap cardboard and the velvet finish will get dirty in 0.005 seconds (it reminds me of the original UD Naked palette, which there will be a review on next month you lucky sausages). Pretty to look at but super impractical! Packaging aside, this palette contains the perfect combination of mattes and shimmers (a ratio of 11:3 if you’re interested) to create that well loved warm smokey eye, along with rich pinks for the perfect pop of colour on the lower lash line. There’s also the addition of a brush which I’m yet to use as I have a set brush routine for eye makeup, but it’s always a welcome addition in my book.

The 14 shadows found in this palette are beautifully creamy and blend like a dream. As you can see there are fabulous crease shades, lid shades and no black! Honestly, I’m sick of black shades being added to palettes as I have far too many average shades that I never touch. In fact, recommend me one good matte black shadow and I can ignore all the pants ones I have knocking about my collection.

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

Modern Renaissance is different to any palette that sticks in my mind from last year’s releases – not quite a neutral palette, not quite a bright palette, and very warm. This isn’t your typical palette, and it’s a beauty lovers’ must have as you’re not going to find these shades in any other palette on the market. This point is explained really well in this post (better than I ever could).

All of my swatches were pretty much one touch of the shade and a light swatch on my forearm, so you can see how incredibly pigmented the shades are. A little goes a long way, and there is minimal fallout, and that’s exactly what I look for in a high end palette (if I’m paying more than £30 for a palette, I want it to be damn good).

Modern Renaissance Swatches

Tempera, Vemeer and Primavera are incredibly pale so don’t really show up on my skin, although Primavera has the right amount of shimmer to work as an all over lid colour without it looking like I’ve thrown glitter across my face. To be honest, I’m obsessed with the entire bottom row, especially Burnt OrangeRed OchreVenetian Red and Warm Taupe. I’ve been after a colour similar to Warm Taupe for about two years now, and this is exactly what I was looking for! You can probably create a similar palette using Makeup Geek or Colourpop shadows, but why bother trying when ABH have got this little beauty ready and waiting for you to pick up off the virtual shelves?

As mentioned previously, the bottom row is my favourite, but it doesn’t mean the top row of the following 7 shadows isn’t worth any hype: Tempera is a beige with a matte finish which I’ve loved using as a base shadow before starting an eye look over the top (and not just when I’m using this palette). Golden Ochre is another matte shade which is an earth-toned yellow, and a beauty transition shade. Vermeer is an iridescent shadow and shell-pink in colour. Buon Fresco is an matte antique lavender, or, if you’re not into colours like me, we’ll call it the perfect mauve. Antique Bronze has a satin finish so is definitely slightly more metallic, and a sable colour. Love Letter is a matte raspberry shade, and is the perfect lower lash line shade for a real pop of colour. Cyprus Umber is a matte dark coffee shadow which works wonders as an outer v or upper lash line colour.

On the bottom row (my favourite) is Raw Sienna, a neutral amber with a matte finish working wonders as a transition colour. Burnt Orange is a deep orange, matte shadow which is fab for deepening the crease after the application of a transition shade. Primavera is the final of the three metallics, and is a shimmery gold shade. Red Ochre is described as ‘Sienna’ in shade by ABH, and is a stunning matte red-brown shadow. Venetian Red is a crimson-pink matte shadow, and another great lower lash line shade. I’ve mentioned my love for Warm Taupe already, but this is an earthy grey-brown which can be blended through the look to really finish it off. And last but not least is Realgar, a true orange with a matte finish.

ABH Modern Renaissance Left Hand Palette

I can tell that this is going to be a firm favourite in the upcoming warmer months. Give me all the pinks and oranges and let me have some fun with this palette! Maybe I’ll get some eye looks up on the blog if I’m brave enough…

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the shipping is like when ordering from ABH’s UK website, it’s pretty darn great. I ordered this palette on the 22nd December and arrived on the 28th, and considering 3 of those days were bank holidays that isn’t shabby at all!

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