A Weekly Food Shop

After the good response to Sunday’s post on my Fitness Goals, I’d like to share what I bought in my weekly food shop. My boyfriend is a ridiculously fussy eater so I wanted to find things that were healthy that he’d enjoy. That means he got dragged on the food shop so that we could decide together.

Food Shop

The only things I’ve not included are my boyfriend’s lunch foods (ruins the healthy aesthetic I was going for #bloggerprobz), and the couple of bits that we had to get from Sainsbury’s that day. The fridge was pretty empty at this point other than cheese, butter and grapes so a whole new set of foods were needed.

Firstly – please excuse the fact that this is on the floor. Surface space is limited in this flat. Secondly – there is a lot of veg here and I don’t think that I’ve ever bought this much veg in a food shop. I’m not a huge fruit eater but we did pick up a bunch of bananas and we had some grapes in already. I think I’ll get some apples later in the week and stock up on grapes once we’re out, but other than that I’m definitely a veg eater. The food shop was done mainly at Aldi but with the addition of the other couple of stops, the weekly shop came to around £40 this week for the two of us which I’m pretty impressed with (I think we usually spend about £60ish).

Food Zoom I

This week my main meals are Turkey Chilli (twice as I’ll make enough for four servings, although nowhere I went on Sunday had Turkey mince so I had to buy this yesterday), Skinny CarbonaraFajitas but without the wraps probably, and Pizza Pittas (check out Grace’s blog and this recipe – it’s super easy but tastes gorgeous). Whenever I go on my health kicks I tend to half the normal serving portion then throw loads of veg and salad on the side. Plus, I’m not a huge dressing fan so my salads stay pretty healthy. I haven’t got any weekend meals planned but we tend to just throw together whatever is left at that point.

Food Zoom II

In terms of lunch, it’ll be mainly leftovers and salads. I bought quinoa to bulk salads out a bit, as well as 1kg of chicken breasts to split over the next fortnight, two salmon fillets and half a dozen eggs. I feel like if I’m not going to be eating quite as many carbs as my body is used to, I’ll add some extra protein to my diet.

Food Zoom IV

I’m really bad when it comes to snacking so this week I made sure that I bought some health-friendly foods such as carrots, cucumber and sugar snap peas to much on. I’m definitely a boredom eater so I know that I need to have healthy food in to stop me going mad on chocolate. I didn’t go anywhere near the chocolate or crisps on this shop and I aim to keep it that way.

Food Zoom III

Do you stick to a weekly shop, or do you pick things up in dribs and drabs? I need to know what’s best for a healthy diet!

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