A Seasonal Lush Haul

How many bloggers out there don’t love a good shop around Lush? I love most of their products, especially their bath bombs, but their Halloween/Christmas range is special. Every year, excitement grows and then in early October, it is all released. On the day of the release, I put in a little order online (the nearest Lush to me currently is a twenty minute train ride away) and it arrived a week ago.

2015 Halloween & Christmas Lush Haul

I’ve not been able to use anything yet since I don’t actually have a bath where I live at uni, but I bought them in preparation of me going home for my birthday at the beginning of next week. This year, I bought products that I’ve never tried before (other than So White) because I wanted to be daring. As daring as someone whose comfort zone is in a bath full of bubbles.

Some of these products are things I’ve seen before but never taken the plunge, and others are brand new to me (and the collection). I went mainly for bath bombs, but that was because I love them and they are my favourite lush products. As much as I love the Snow Fairy scent, as you can see I haven’t bought any shower gels because I feel like they don’t clean me as well as other shower gels. I currently have So White from last year in my shower, but I don’t think it works as well as ones from places such as Boots or Superdrug.

The Luxury Lush Pud is an oldie, but one that I have never tried. Every year I pick it up but always put it back down before I leave the store. This smells like what a Lush garden would smell like. It’s packed with floral scents, and the lavender will be perfect before hitting the hay.

The Sparkly Pumpkin is the only Bubble Bar that I bought and it smells gorgeous, but you can’t touch it without getting glitter everywhere. This has juniper and lime in it, making it beautifully citrus-y, I’m just not loving the glitter.
Butterbear is the iconic Butterball Bath Bomb but in bear form. I love Butterball because it’s so moisturising, and smells beautiful. But I always have to be careful when I get out of the bath so I don’t slip on the oily residue it leaves behind.

2015 Halloween & Christmas Lush Haul

Star Dust smells of vanilla and I love a good vanilla scent. I think this is the least offensive smelling bath bomb of all of the seasonal range since it hasn’t got an overly strong smell, whether that is a sweet smell or a sharper smell. This has a few finely milled flecks of glitter through it, but not so much that it’s obvious you’ve been handling it for more time than you probably should’ve done.

Snow Angel has almost as much glitter on it as Sparkly Pumpkin, but being a bath melt, you’re not going to rub it all over your hands. This is also pretty inoffensive in terms of smell being a slightly more citrus-y version of Butterball.

Yog Nog has a very spicy, wintery scent. This is probably the only bomb I wouldn’t have picked up had I been in store to smell it, but it may surprise me when I get around to using it (this will probably be one of the first products I use since I like to save my favourites until late).

Father Christmas has a particularly sweet smell, but not as sweet as Snow Fairy. This is probably my favourite scent out of the products that I bought, and I can’t wait to drop this in the bath when I get a chance.

So White is a bath bomb which I bought last year and the bomb is much nicer than the shower gel. It smells like apples and it’s actually pink on the inside, despite how it looks on the outside. If you’re a fan of a very simple bath bomb, this is the one for you.

Shoot For The Stars is definitely a night time scent. It contains bergamot oil which is perfect to bathe in just before you’re off to bed. I think this might have to be my Christmas Eve bath bomb, just so that I can be well relaxed before the craziness of Christmas Day.

Now it’s time for me to pack these away to take home with me on Tuesday so that I can add them all to my collection. I just hope they don’t get broken in transit since they were packed so beautifully before I took them out to smell and photograph them. I also need to pop into another store because I want more of the goodies that I didn’t buy in this order.

What is your favourite Lush product, and which of the seasonal limited editions are you dying to try?

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