What Do I Smell Like?

I’m not sure I’d ever be discussing my personal scent in a blog post but here we go. I’m not one for trying out lots of fragrances. I tend to have one or two bottles on the go and the rest get neglected until they go off and I can not longer use them (I’m looking at you DNKY Delicious Night which has been in my drawer at home since way before I came to university).


Although I want to become a little more experimental with my fragrances, I thought I’d chat about my two favourites today. Just excuse the fact that I cannot describe scents to save my life.

My every day perfume is Calvin Klein CK One Shock, which Jack bought me for my birthday almost two years ago and it’s still going strong! This has quite a floral scent combined with vanilla, which I’ve always been a fan of. I have a back up waiting since I thought I was almost out of this around a year ago but I’m still waiting for the day that the last spritz occurs (I’m guessing it’ll be soon but who really knows with an opaque bottle). My only criticism is that there is no lid. Well, there is, but it’s awkward. The bottle comes with a screw top lid, but as soon as you put the spray pump whatever it’s called in, the lid no longer fits back on. Makes it ideal for not losing the lid, but doesn’t make it overly attractive to look at.


My second every day fragrance, although this time in body spray form, is the Hollister Solana Beach body spray. I was bought my first bottle of this years back by a family friend, then when that ran out I bought three more as they were on 3 for £24. Yes, I do think that’s pricey for a body spray but when I remember that this bottle is the first of three that I bought it in January 2014, and it’s still not finished, I can’t complain. The packaging is very different now, but I have smelt it in store recently and it still smells identical – fruity (almost raspberry scented which is my favourite fruit), complementing the Calvin Klein perfume. I can’t believe I still have two of these unopened to get through!


If you’re after either a new perfume or body spray, then I can’t recommend these enough. Maybe I’ll stop playing so safe with my fragrances soon, but these are perfect for summer so I’m not switching them out anytime soon!


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