30 Before 30

I’m still a way off 30, but I thought it would be fun to write 30 things that I would like to achieve before I hit it. These are just a few silly goals I’d like to accomplish before I turn 30.

If you’re here wondering how my America trip is going, you can scroll to the bottom of the post and I’ve got a little update for you.

Graduate from University This will hopefully have occurred within the year. Fingers crossed!

Go to Germany to a Christmas Market I’ve been to Germany twice, but it was in the summer so obviously there were no Christmas markets on. I desperately want to head to Germany to go to a real Christmas Market as I’ve been to a couple over here and need to experience the real deal.

Own a Property This is probably very ambitious because I spend money like nobody’s business. But how amazing would it be to own a house? Somewhere that is all yours.

Have a Harry Potter Marathon My boyfriend and I keep saying that we’ll do this and we never manage it. Mainly because I fall asleep through most films. But how amazing would it be to sit through all 19 hours in one sitting?

Go to Edinburgh Festival Or just go to Edinburgh. I love reading reviews on the Edinburgh festival and I know so many people who have been, so I’ve love to get to go one year.

Get either a Dog or a Guinea Pig I love dogs and guinea pigs. After I lost Twiggy a month and a half ago, I had to really think about this because I miss her like crazy. But I’ve wanted a dog since I was seven so that seems right to have. Guinea pigs are more of a recent thing, but they’re literally the cutest things ever and I want to cuddle them so much.

Go Inter-railing I’ve not seen much of Europe and I think this has got to be one of the best ways to experience the continent. I know a couple of people who have been inter-railing and it’s an experience they’ll never forget, and I’d love to have that experience too. My boyfriend and I have discussed doing this within the next couple of years, and I think that would be so amazing.

Take part in a Colour Run It looks fun and it’s short. That’s it.

Own a Tom Ford Lipstick That’s luxury at it’s best. I think I’d just hold it and stare at it and never wear it but just imagine owning one.

Complete the 52 in 52 Book Challenge As a child, I loved reading. I still do now, but I get distracted by so many other things. After I graduate and don’t have to worry about doing things out of working hours, I want to read 52 books in 52 weeks.

See a show on Broadway I love theatre, and although I’ve seen regional and West End shows, I’d love love love to see one on Broadway.

Bungee Jump I’m a daredevil and I think it sounds fun. You may think I’m mad but to me it sounds great.

Find my Perfect Bag Last summer, my mum bought me the most gorgeous Ted Baker grained leather bag. However, it would hurt my arm after a day of carrying it, and it started to fall apart on me (ridiculous for a £200 bag). A few months ago I bought a cheap backpack from New Look and I love it, but again it’s starting to fall apart. I like things to be big enough to carry everything I need, but also comfortable to carry, and I just haven’t found it yet. Apart from my year 7 school rucksack but that isn’t appropriate at my age.

Get a Personal Trainer I am incredibly unfit and I think that I need someone to push me, and the only way this will happen is if I pay for somebody to do it.

Go on holiday to a Greek Island Sure, Greece is in financial crisis, but the photos I see all over the blogosphere from various islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu and Rhodes makes me desperate to visit. Please can somebody whisk me away for a week of sun, sea and outfit post opportunities?

Go to Disney Yes, I am in my twenties and have never been to Disney. This isn’t through lack of asking, my parents just couldn’t afford to take my brother and I when we were younger. Now we seem to have money but my dad doesn’t want to go, so I think I’m going to have to wait until I have my own children.

Get a Tattoo I know what I want, I’ve just not got around to getting it yet. This is because I keep spending my money on makeup instead of saving up for it. Maybe I’ll treat myself as a graduation gift?

Go to a Music Festival I’ve been to local music festivals and I’ve even worked at local festivals, but I feel like I need the full experience. I mean camping, big headline acts etc. I’m just yet to find one that I really want to go to enough to spend the money on.

Be confident enough to wear a Bikini I haven’t work a bikini in over a decade. I’ve not been body confident enough for it for that long. I really want to lose weight, tone up and be able to lounge around a pool or on a beach without feeling too self conscious.

Buy a Ted Baker Dress I don’t enjoy clothes shopping, but Ted Baker does something to me. I just love it so much. I really want a dress for, there because they’re all so pretty and wearable. The only reason I’ve not bought one is because I need to be at my perfect weight. I don’t want to spend a small fortune on a dress for it to be too big for me in a year’s time.

Find my perfect Skincare Routine Isn’t this a lot of people’s goals? I’ve found a routine that I’m happy with, but I feel like I’m missing something. Probably the Oskia Renaisance Cleansing Gel and Luna by Sunday Riley that everyone and their dogs love.

Move out from my parents I feel like I’ve half moved out already, but I want to properly leave. I’ve been at university for two years, and in less than two weeks I’m going to my final year and will be living on my own. But I feel like renting a student place is different to renting a normal flat. Plus, I come back for summer for two or three weeks, and although I’ll obviously come home, I want to be able to have somewhere that’s my own.

Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant I’m a massive foodie, and I really want to try one of those 10 course taster menus. Maybe I can convince my boyfriend or my parents to take me for a birthday or special occasion (they’re super expensive, it would need to be a real occasion).

Go to a Super Bowl Party Fun fact about me, I love American Football. My team are the New England Patriots and I saw them play at Wembley Stadium back in 2012 (they won woop!), and just over a week ago, I went with my dad, brother, uncle and little cousins to watch the Denver Broncos play against the San Francisco 49ers. However, I’m writing this before I’ve gone over to America so I don’t know how it turned out. Anyway, I’d love to go to a proper Super Bowl party, preferably in America.

Visit all 50 States When this post goes live, I’ll have visited New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, and I’ll have been to Texas by the weekend. So 7, almost 8, down, 43 (42) to go! The first two were 13 years ago, but the rest are on this trip. There’s so much travelling involved!

Have a Vegetable Patch or Allotment About five or six years ago, I got really into growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in our back garden, but I’ve not done it since that summer. I’d love to be able to do that all the time.

Be able to do ten pushups I can’t do one push up right now. Someone needs to teach me!

Decorate a room I love looking at interiors and I get so many ideas looking at other blogs, in magazines and on pinterest. I want to be able to have the chance to have a room exactly how I want it.

Host a Dinner Party As I said earlier, I’m a massive foodie, and I love cooking. The only reason there hasn’t been any food posts yet is because I’ve been working and not had time to cook things and photograph everything so I’ll hopefully start with food posts in October. I also really like cooking for people so that other people can appreciate the food, so and dinner party is the perfect excuse to do lots of cooking.

Have a Spa Day My mum and I were supposed to have one a couple of months ago but we couldn’t fit it in so I feel like I’ve missed out. Plus, I constantly feel like I need a massage.

I’m sure there are many other things that I’d like to do before I hit the big 3-0, but these are what sprung to mind when I was planning this post. In case you’re wondering what I’m up to in America right now, I’m in San Francisco. Yesterday (yesterday for you, this is in three weeks time for me as I write this) we drove up the coast road from LA to SF, and today we’re being SF tourists. Hopefully I’m enjoying it.

What are your goals before your next big birthday? Let me know in the comments below.

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