2015 in Review

It’s Sunday the 27th of December. 4 more days until 2016 and I can’t believe it’s gone as quickly as it has! Every year goes faster than the last and I spend most of my time wasting it on the internet (at least that’s how my parents see it). But I enjoy it, and this year I’ve made some wonderful friends through blogging thanks to starting this adventure.

2015 In Review

Health wise, I can’t say it’s been the best year. I’ve had a lot of problems with my mental health (which I’ve spoken about before), but it’s made me realise that I’m actually a really strong person. I really found out who my friends are this year thanks to all of my problems and it was really hard knowing that people only cared about me because I was there, not when I was locked away in my room unable to face the day. But thanks to this, I know who I can trust and which sort of people to steer clear of. Of course I have my bad days, but I’m a lot better now than I was six months ago and I can’t wait to keep getting better. I have already set my life goals for the coming year, and my mental health improving is definitely a priority.

I’ve had some amazing adventures this year, especially spending three months of the year in America. We’d been planning that holiday for such a long time and I couldn’t believe it when it finally came around, and it was so much better than I ever could’ve hoped for.

I sought blogging as an outlet after my rough start to the year, and now I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Sure, it’s a little stressful because I like to keep to my schedule, but it’s about the only schedule I have in my life. I can be in uni all the time but knowing that I’ve promised myself three posts a week has actually relieved uni stress a little bit. It means I have other commitments outside of uni and it just gives me a break.

I got to attend Rhianna‘s #LeedsXmasMeet event this month and was able to meet some fantastic bloggers. Some that are lovely to talk to, and some that are a real blogging inspiration to me. I really hope that in the new year I get to meet more fantastic bloggers, on top of my other blogging goals.

A Little Thank You
I wanted to make a little thank you section for my boyfriend. Although I won’t let him read my posts so he won’t see this, I know that he’s really supportive of my blog. Without him, I don’t think I would’ve got through the year and would’ve probably dropped out of uni. He is my rock, and I honestly don’t know how to show my gratitude towards him in a way that really shows my appreciation.

I also want to thank you. I’m actually really proud of my little blog, and I want to thank everybody who has supported me on here over the last few months, and will continue to do so in the coming months. If you want to see any particular posts in the new year, send your ideas my way (either as a blog comment or on twitter) because as well as blogging for me, I want to blog things that people will enjoy reading.

I’ll be back on Tuesday for my final post of 2015, but if I don’t see you before, I hope you have a fabulous final few days of the year and that 2016 is your year.

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