15 Facts about Essential Twenty

Fun fact for you: this is a post that has been sat in my drafts for donkeys, just in case I ever needed a post and I had no time to write one (read: too lazy). Since I’ve had a busy weekend this post is coming out of the woodwork and onto the blog.

15 Facts

I was going to share 50 facts about myself but I didn’t think that you’d appreciate lots of incessant rambling, and 15 and 50 sort of sound the same.

  1. The real reason I didn’t share 50 facts is because I’m lazy. Not in the sense that I don’t move all day (although I try my hardest not to), just in the sense that if I can cut corners on thing I definitely will. Human nature, right?
  2. I hate wearing shoes. I will take them off at the first chance I get.
  3. I hate carrying a bag. I will stuff my pockets full rather than carry a bag anywhere.
  4. Being late panics me.
  5. I was notorious in sixth form for my twitter use (true facts: people wrote it in my yearbook).
  6. I took ballet lessons for 15 years.
  7. My favourite number is 24 but it’s not lucky.
  8. I am a great cook but my presentation is lacking (hence very few foodie posts).
  9. My favourite fruit is raspberries but I’m not a bit fruit eater on the whole.
  10. I have a mentor who helps me with my mental health issues at uni – if you’re struggling with your mental health then find out if you can get one because mine is a lifesaver.
  11. My grandad worked on the sound effects in the original series of Doctor Who.
  12. My dissertation is about rats.
  13. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for myself is my iPad which I don’t use all that often anymore.
  14. I love dogs, zebras, guinea pigs and cats.
  15. I was in panto with Dani Harmer – let’s be honest this is my go to fact whenever anybody asks me to give a fact about myself.

Aren’t I an interesting person? I’ve got to say, this is a fab post to have sitting in your drafts and I’d definitely recommend it. Now I need to find something else to sit there for when I’m in a bind!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Valentines day, whatever you’re up to.

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