The Grinning Man Review

    The Grinning Man | Essential Twenty

    If you’re an avid theatre goer, has there ever been a show that you have been putting off going to, no matter how many recommendations you’ve had, for no real reason? That was me when everyone was raving about The Grinning Man. The Grinning Man opened in December at Trafalgar Studios for a two month run, but due to high demand it has extended again and again. Now it really must close on 5th May, and with Today Tix running a 24 hour only offer last week for £15 seats I finally took the plunge. If it was extended an extra two and a half months, and if many of my blogging friends were seeing it multiple times, I decided it was time to give The Grinning Man and see the show over the weekend. And honestly, I’m just mad at myself for not going sooner.

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    Upcoming Theatre | Summer 2018

    Summer Theatre 2018 | Essential Twenty

    There are so many productions I want to see this summer, and whilst I haven’t got time to see them all, some of them might be of interest to you. There are a huge number of tours that I’ve got my eye on as well a new shows opening in London that I’m hoping to get to see (although with the crazy theatre schedule I’ve had this month, I think I need to calm it down a little bit), so this is sort of a mental wish list for me that I get to share with you.

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    Revolution Beauty Reloaded Newtrals 2 Eyeshadow Palette

    Revolution Beauty Reloaded Newtrals 2 Eyeshadow Palette | Essential Twenty

    We all know that warm shadows are in right now, and I’m a really big fan of them. I use the Urban Decay Naked Heat a lot (although the Petite Heat hasn’t enticed me as much as I thought it would), and definitely reach for warm shadows more often than cooler tones. When I made a few Revolution purchases last month, I spotted the Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2 Palette and knew it had to be mine. I started testing it out straight away, and have been loving playing about with this this month.
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    Coconut | Guleraana Mir Interview

    Coconut: Interview with Guleraana Mir | Essential Twenty

    Coconut is a new dark comedy based on writer Guleraana Mir’s real experience of interracial and intercultural relationships. Embarking on a UK tour this summer, this new play begins to challenge the Asian female stereotypes within Britain, giving an honest portrayal of the contemporary British-Asian experience. 

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    Tina The Musical Review

    Tina The Musical | Essential Twenty

    Sometimes you just get into a ping pong match about potential collaborations and you’re in the right place at the right time. This happened to me about ten days ago and I ended up at Tina The Musical. The life and times of Tina Turner, as told by the legend herself.

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    Makeup Revolution Haul, Spring 2018

    Makeup Revolution Haul, Spring 2018 | Essential Twenty

    In March I spent a lot of money on new beauty goodies and have given up buying anything beauty related in April. But I have a lot to discuss before I even need to think about buying anything, and that includes a little bit of a Makeup Revolution Haul. Funnily enough this doesn’t include every single Makeup Revolution product I bought in March 2018, and that’s mainly because this post was due to go live about three weeks ago and then Superdrug started their 3 for 2 across all makeup offer and I bought some more. Not even sorry. So anyway, this post won’t include those last few bits but I’ll get around to talking about them at a later date.

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