Urban Decay Naked Heat, 2 Months On & A Giveaway

on September 26, 2017
Urban Decay Naked Heat | Essential Twenty

It’s been around 3 months since the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette* presale, and 2 months since I got my hands on it. Plenty of people have shared their thoughts and I thought it was about time I did the same. Whilst this isn’t going to be really in depth, I just want to talk about it quickly as I know people will be putting together their Christmas lists soon. I’ve also got a giveaway over on twitter so you can even win your very own Urban Decay Naked Heat palette!

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4 Hours in Brighton & A Beach Heavy Photo Diary

on September 25, 2017
4 Hours in Brighton | Essential Twenty

Despite it being one of the most popular seaside destinations in the UK, until 2 weeks ago I’d never hit the south coast town of Brighton. I’m not a big beach lover, despite the chilled out vibe of a seaside town, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. However, people rave about how much they love Brighton so I had to give it a shot, especially when I only paid £20 for a train!

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Life Update #2: The One Where I’m Feeling Overwhelmed

on September 24, 2017
Life Update #2: The One Where I'm Feeling Overwhelmed | Essential Twenty

As I got off the phone with Jack on Monday night, I just started crying. For someone who is a regular reacher into a pack of tissues (or loo roll) to wipe away my tears, I realised that I’ve not cried in a really long time. Not properly anyway. After a couple of days of soulsearching, I think I’ve sussed it. Quite simply, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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Half A Sixpence Closing Night

on September 22, 2017
Half A Sixpence Closing Night | Essential Twenty

I love the theatre, but I never really pay attention to closing night of shows. But that all changed with Half A Sixpence. I saw the show back in June and knew I only had three months to watch it again, so why not make it closing night?

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How Not To Travel The World by Lauren Juliff

on September 21, 2017
How Not To Travel The World | Essential Twenty

With the countdown until I hit Europe for a few weeks of travel ticking down to 10 months, I’ve been lapping up all the information I can get. I’m a planner, and I’ll be explaining more about that in a future post. But alongside the serious planning, I’ve been reading as much about travel experiences as I can. Blogs have been my main source, but I’m dying to read more travel memoirs. The first book I’ve picked up that isn’t a guide is How Not To Travel The World by Lauren Juliff, a book that I devoured in just a few short sittings (and I probably would’ve read in one go if that little thing called work didn’t get in my way). 

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